I would like to offer drop-in sessions in various new technology or useful online resources. Can you let me know if you are interested in any of the following topics?

ü Buzzword for creating stories together – Online word processor with collaboration

ü Using Wikis with pupils to create class revision notes – collaborative web documents

ü Google Earth and Google Maps – fly round the planet in a lunchtime

ü Flickr Fun - Finding images online

ü Advanced Powerpoint – using buttons and links in presentations

ü Scratch for games – Making simple computer games using Scratch (S2 are learning this just now)

ü Scratch for storytelling – Going beyond Powerpoint for multimedia presentations

I am planning on running these on occasional Tuesday lunchtimes. If you would like to go to one of these sessions but can’t make that time, please let me know and I’ll try and find a better time. I am happy to fit sessions to the curricular or technical needs of whoever wants to attend. I don’t mind at all if non-teachers want to learn too.

Stewart L
Kirsty C
Stewart A - Scratch for storytelling
Helen D - Maps, Adv Ppt, maybe games
Mariann C - Buzzword, wikis, Adv Ppt, Scratch for storytelling
Rachel B (Art) - Maps and both Scratch sessions (not Tuesdays)