You want to use Second Life but your PT / DHT / HT / IT support won't allow it?

This page is for justifying (educationally, using lots of the latest educational buzz words) why you should be allowed to use Second Life in class.

Second Life is a highly motivating environment. At the Kids Connect we found the young people taking control of their own learning, demanding to know how to build a particular shape or script an object in a particular way. We also found that the kids with access to Second Life at home were spending a lot of their own time working on their creations.

Second Life is flexible, very adaptable, and reasonably easy to use. Once users have gone through 'Induction Island' (an in-world tutorial) then they have the skills to explore, collaborate and create in Second Life.

Second Life is perfect for Curriculum for Excellence and Determined to Succeed. More justification of this later...!
More information about using SL in Enterprise education is available here.

There are lots of Curriculum for Excellence, Determined to Succeed and Assessment is for Learning reasons. If you fancy adding justifications below, click on "Edit this page".

Curriculum for Excellence

Determined to Succeed

Assessment is for Learning