Some ideas of how to introduce and use SL in class

This is based on activities used at Kids Connect.

Basic skills using Second Life ‘tutorial’
Building simple 3D objects (hats and chairs)
Scripting pet rocks and objects with sounds
Changing appearance
Creating buildings and structures
Photo scavenger hunt
Personal space for each student

Kids Connect Second Life Activities

From ZoomLabWiki by Kate and Sean Farrell

Second Life Workshop Ideas

A set of lesson plans for Kids Connect to provide an interesting set of activities which can be used to learns about using second life. The activities should all be designed for use in a practical, direct way and reflect the use of Second Life as a communication tool and art space.
  • Note:* For now this page is a list of ideas to be developed into more detailed lesson plans.

Basics of Movement

  • walking and running
  • races
  • tag
  • British Bulldog group game - (get to the other side without abuse report pop-up!)
That Popup has been removed.


  • races
  • slalom (timed) through hoops

Moving objects around in Second Life

  • pass the parcel (click to open multilayered object - take out object inside - last person = prize )

Animations and poses

  • musical statues (dance and pose)


  • Musical chairs


  • sitting and driving cars
  • flying vehicles

Chatting and IM

  • Chinese whispers (IM to person next to you in circle)

adding friends

  • Would be useful to set up a mass friending of everyone to everyone on the project early in project
  • Different pass the parcel - pass through inventory - drag onto person or profile

Taking photos in SL

  • (slpics)
  • or private alternative picture hosting (?Drupal with plugins to interpret attachments?)
  • Scavenger hunt round Teen SL

Find tool, Transporting, Saving and using landmarks

  • Treasure hunt around sim - find landmarks, making and taking staged pictures and posting to shared space.
  • Machima - record short video clips from scavenger hunt)

Areas for the sim

  • football pitch
  • race track
  • textures areas
  • freebies area

Appearance in Second Life


  • Changing clothes, using folders for outfits
  • Altering Clothes - length, colour etc.
  • Changing Avitar appearance - saving skin and shape - making copies
  • Attaching objects to body
    • holding objects
    • prim hair
    • flexi skirts and cloaks
    • piercings and body mod
  • Fancy Dress party - create costume (what theme?)
    • Carnival parade type builds and big attachments -- (textures?)
  • Design a pop star



Enterprise Activities in Second Life

(to be completed)

Designing and Creating Objects

Create prim

  • change size, shape, copy, texture
  • upload and display photos
  • use handles, use numbers to change position

Special Prims

  1. Flexi Prims
    • flag
    • cloak
    • bouncy castle
  2. Light prims
    • light sabre
    • touch
    • jewellery
    • theatre light

Building Challenges

  • chair
  • hat
  • glasses
  • house
-- idea: dutch style house, resources?
  • Sculpting
  • Kids Connect logo and sculpture
  • shape matching game - patterns on floor, build and link prims to match cross section

Scripted Objects

  1. learn how to put a script in an object
    1. Floating text script
    2. Give notecard script
    3. Gun Script
    4. Teleporter Script by Cubey Terra
  2. Kids Connect Media Player script
  3. Flame Script

Soundscape and Audio Interactive Objects

Soundpic : prebuild a script to play a short sound clip on being clicked
Add this to a script library which students can access and use
adapt to make it into a phantom, transparent prim covering a large volume with sensor script to play sound on collision
Tools and directions to create and upload a sound clip in suitable format (remember time limits in SL - 10 sec?)