Int 1 / Int 2 Media Studies (S5)

Lesson 1: Starting Genre and Institutions (DG)

Task 1
Write down your favourite films and TV shows, one on each bit of paper.
There is different coloured paper for each of you.
Try and write as many as you can think of.

Task 2
As a class, group them with other similar films and TV shows.
You might want to group them by type of film (comedy, action, horror, reality TV, etc. These are called ‘genres’) or by actor or director.

Task 3
Do you all have similar tastes in films and TV shows?
Have there been suggestions from other people that you would like to watch?
Are there some films you dislike?
Are there some films you love and have seen again and again?
Are there any films or TV shows you’d like to study in class?

Task 4
Choose one film that you think would be good to learn more about. Go to This is the Internet Movie DataBase. It has lots of information about every recent film that has been made as well as lots of TV shows.
In Word or Powerpoint produce a report about the film or TV show you have chosen. You could include:

  • who are the important people who have helped make it
  • statistics about the film
    • length (is there a different time in different countries?)
    • certification rating (PG, 12, 18 etc – is this different for different countries? Why do you think it got this rating?)
    • release date
  • photos of the film or cast
  • Funny or interesting facts, goofs (mistakes) or quotes

Lesson 2: Starting Language

Film without sound...