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Articles about Mobile Phones in Education

Other ideas on how to use mobile phones in class by Ollie Bray

Marc Prensky has written an article on Mobile Phone Imaginations: using devices kids love for their education about facilities mobiles should include in future to improve their use in class.

New York Times: Lesson plan on "Pens, Paper and ... Cellphones? Examining How Modern Technology Can Enhance Learning in the Classroom". Aimed at 9-12 years but might be more suitable at older age group or as a CPD activity

Martin Owen, the Director of Learning at NESTA Futurelab has written an article on 'Killer apps' for mobile phones - an educational view

An interview with Josh Dhaliwal, Director, mobileYouth on The rise and rise of the mobile phone

Dan Sutch, Learning Reseacher, NESTA Futurelab, Mobile presence: Enhancing communication within learning environments