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101 Uses for a Mobile Phone

(or Reasons NOT to turn your phone off in class)

Please don't write off mobile phones as an educational tool just because the school rules say they're banned. They can be incredibly powerful devices, especially when most pupils have them and most schools don't have much audio-visual equipment.
Here are just a few useful things you can do with your mobile in class:
  • Take photos quickly and easily, where-ever you are (we almost always have our mobile phones with us, but how often do you carry your camera around?!)
  • Film science experiments or class discussions to add into powerpoint
  • Video interviews of people in the community
  • Upload photos to flickr using your phone's email facility
  • Update your class blog by text message or email (known as moblogging)
* Post photos to your blog you have just taken and a description (useful as a diary while on a school trip) - example from David Muir>
  • Control your computer or powerpoint by 'magic' (also know as bluetooth) using Control Freak
  • Record sound clips of debates, music composed by pupils or modern language classes
  • Transfer music or modern language sound clips and video clips to pupils' mobiles (or iPods) to study for homework
  • Listen to audio books of books and plays
* Download video clips or TV shows to study for homework
  • Learn first aid using video clips then share them with your friends using bluetooth or infrared.
* Ask pupils to take photos of objects (as homework or on school trips) to then study or draw in class
  • Use camera and text to document and record fieldwork
* Take a series of still photos to then turn into an animation
  • Synchronise your phone with your Outlook email and calendar, so that your phone beeps to remind you of staff meetings or CPD courses.
  • Send a text message to remind pupils about exams and prelims
  • Send a text message to notify parents about absentees
  • Encourage pupils to text the school about bullying, crime or anti-social behaviour
  • Ask pupils to write a 'keitai tanka' text message poem and send it to a friend
  • Learn a language
  • Improve literacy skills
  • Use it as a USB flash drive to store files you're working on at school and home
  • Write computer programs and games to play on your mobile
  • Set calendar reminders or the alarm clock to remind you to do your marking or to remind pupils to do their homework
  • Read blogs on the way to school
  • Download e-books, short storys and preview chapters from books for pupils to read or use as reference, or create your own
* Design a new mobile phone cover
  • Play traditional games like conkers
  • ...and if the head teacher fires you for breaking the school rules, you can always use your phone to get a better job

Sorry I didn't actually manage 101 reasons, but here's a site that has!

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