NC Digital Media Computing

General unit-by-unit information is available here

Plans for teaching NC DMC at Castlebrae are below:



Framing and shots
Comic Life - photostory
Discuss different shots
Take photos using different types of shots
Import photos into Comic Life
Add speech bubbles


Show how to use cameras and tripods

Task 1
In groups make a short film of a door opening
Narrative - what's behind the door? who's opened the door? why's the door opening?
Filming - use at least four different types of shots, eg close-up on door handle

Task 2
Each member of the group take a turn taking to camera, each person take a turn filming.
  • Your name
  • An interesting fact about you
  • Something that is special or important to you
  • What you want to be when you grow up
  • Your favourite music


Core: Numeracy
Core: Communications
Core: Hardware and Systems