Redeveloping S1 (and possibly S2) course


Create a new course for S1 (and perhaps S2 depending on timing for course choices)

Needs to be certificated, even if it is Int1 or Access

Desirable (by Head of Faculty) to give kids an understanding of Computing, Admin and Business Management courses so they can make an informed choice about courses. Pupils don't get S1/2 Business or Admin.

"School-based resources" - so someone else can teach the lessons

Small targets - achieving small targets in 10 minutes, always completing something each lesson, seeing progress and acheivement
Overarching theme? Only one period a week so kids get bored of same topic/task/theme for long periods of time.
How do we know they've learned??

Needs / Desirable (by Head of Faculty) to cover:
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • Email
  • Internet
  • Powerpoint
  • Also - graphics?

Certification Options

Not 5-14!
Int 1/2 Core Skills best option?


Currently one 45 minute period a week for a year (August till end of June). There are no plans to change this, as far as I'm aware.
40 * 45 minutes = 30 hours (minus bank holidays etc)


Collaboration / communication with 2020 partners - WHEC and Craigroyston?
E.g. game making competition between the schools, watching each others videos, reading each others blogs and wikis?

Other considerations
Pupils without logins - using temp login
Pupils not able to access shared drive
Pupils without own network folders
Pupils without access to the printer