S1 Course, 2008-09

August - October

Word Processing - All About Me

Hand out worksheet with "My eyes are...." etc
Type up the list in Word, adding your answers.

Lesson 1 - All About Me
Use Word to type a document about themselves (so I can get to know them)

Opening Microsoft Word
Typing in text and central aligning heading
Using USB flashdrive to save document

Log in (using Adult password as S1 pupils don't have passwords yet)
Open Word and start typing All About Me, filling in the gaps
Save the document onto the flash drive (as All About Me By .....)

Lesson 2 - All About Me
Continue typing in document, using control keys to copy and paste repetitive information

Opening a saved document
Copy and Paste "My favourite "
Using Ctrl X, Ctrl C and Ctrl V
If time/patience - Mention other control keys (B for Bold, I for italic)

Log in and open document
Continue typing
Ext - change font, size and colour

Lesson 3 - All About Me
Continue typing, adding in photos from websites

How to save and insert an image into Word
How to change the layout of a picture (text square round an image using the 'dog')

Lesson 4 - All About Me
Finish typing, adding in photos from websites, prettify it (fonts and colours, but one page and legible)

Still to cover:
Finish All About Me document and print
Check: email, printing, home drive (once all pupils have accounts)

Keyboarding Skills / Touch-typing

Pupils will use a couple of website flash games to learn to touch-type. Using cloths the pupils cover their hands once their fingers are in position. They then follow the instructions on screen. This will take 3-4 weeks. If pupils finish the Dancemat tutorial and know the keys well, they could start to type stories with their hands still covered.
Dancemat Typing is best to use to go through the stages and keys
Freetypinggame.net is good for light relief at the end of the lessons, although there are lessons on this site as well as games.
TypingTest.com is good at the end of this unit of work

Lesson 5 - Keyboard Skills
Hand out usernames and passwords
Discuss: password safety, remembering tricks
Polypocket folders and labels
Label with: Name, 1x1, Ms Farrell, Computing
Keyboard worksheet - memorise key layout and try and write down as many as possible

Lesson 6 - Dancemat Typing
Hand out usernames and passwords
Check: can log on to PC and internet, name on Start Menu
Dancemat Typing - www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing
Start on Level 1, game 1 and work through games

Lesson 7 - Dancemat Typing
Introduce cloths to cover hands
Dancemat typing - www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing
Start off where they finished last week and work through games

Lesson 8 - Dancemat Typing
Use cloths to cover hands
Carry on with Dancemat typing - www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing
Depending on class - offer option of Freetypinggame.net lessons and then games
Start off where they finished last week and work through games

Lesson 9
Free time
Last week of term!

After October break

Word Processing - Halloween Joke

Lesson 1 (one week only)
Google for "kids jokes" and find a spooky joke (clean and non-offensive - imagine telling it to your gran or the headteacher) Copy the joke into Word. Go to Flickr.com. Choose a spooky picture that matches your joke. Copy and paste the photo into Word
Demo all this, remind about copy and paste methods, aligning photos in Word ('dog'/square) and Page Layout to Landscape
At end of class if time, discuss image quality and copyright on images

Instructions to pupils:
In Google search for Kids Jokes
Pick one of the first two websites
Look at the scary jokes and find one you like
Copy and paste it into a new Word document
Go to www.flickr.com or Google images
Search for a photo to match Copy and paste it into your Word document
Change the font, colour and page layout
Save your document and show it to the teacher

Powerpoint - Charity presentation

My fairy godmother has given me one hundred imaginary pounds. I want to give it to charity. Pupils to make a presentation persuading me to spend some of my money on their chosen charity.

Lesson 1 - Choose a charity and title slide
Class brainstorm a list of charities, written on board (add to it or prompt if necessary)
Pupils individually choose a charity (can be the same choice as their friend) and write down on sheet
Go on to internet and find charity's web address. Write down on sheet
In powerpoint create a new presentation. On the first slide, write down the charity's name and their name.
Find the charity's logo on the website and copy it to the first slide. (Uses skills of copying and pasting images from Halloween Joke lesson)

Lesson 2 - Who does the charity help?
Research the charity - find out what they do, what work do volunteers do, what do they spend money raised on (use the worksheet with questions). Use example presentation on British Red Cross

Lesson 3 - What would the charity spend the money on?
Use example presentation on British Red Cross

Lesson 4 - Why should Ms Farrell give money to your charity?
Use example presentation on British Red Cross

Lesson 5 - Show presentations to rest of class (and print out) - only if time in term


Letter to a future you

Pupils are going to write a letter to themselves at the end of S6 (or S4/5 - whenever they leave school). Once the letter is finished, it will be sealed in an envelop, addressed, and kept safe by the teacher until the relevant leaving ceremony.

Week 1 - Open Word and type the first paragraph about yourself just now. Things to talk about can include:
  • How old you are
  • You and your friends
  • subjects you like/dislike
  • films and TV shows you like
  • Pop groups and music you like listening to
  • Film stars and pop stars you like
  • Sports you play
  • Sports teams you support
  • What you do in the evenings and weekends
  • Any holidays you've been on recently
  • Hobbies

Write notes at desks on the bullet points then go to computers, open Word and write up notes in full sentences.

Week 2 - Open your letter and write another paragraph about who you'd like to be in the future. Things to talk about can include:
  • What subjects you hope you've studied. Which do you think you'll do best at?
  • What part time jobs you think you might have done
  • What job you think you'll do after you finish school
  • What college or university course you might be going to do
  • What skills do you think you will learn (like juggling or diving)
  • What sports you will do

February / March

Powerpoint Game

Pupils try out existing Powerpoint choose-your-own-adventure style games
(Shared Drive / Resources / Computing / S1-2 / Powerpoint)
Plan out your own adventure game - Write story, draw storyboard for a few scenes
Demonstrate how to create slides and add hyperlinks
Create adventure using Powerpoint
Play / Test other pupil's games

Notes - This task was too big for the pupils and took too many weeks. The kids were fed up with it and a few of them lost their work over the holiday (a BT mystery I think). Need to find a way to break down this task so they are achieving something each lesson. This has been run in Primary schools as a group task, but I'm not sure how that would work here - pupils absent and not good at group work etc.

Ext task - add an animation into the powerpoint game (as a reward for the person who finishes the game without dying) or as a seperate powerpoint file. Draw a stickman using draw tools, duplicate the slide (Ctrl-D), adjust the stickman slightly, duplicate the slide, etc etc. Change the timing on the slide to 0.3 seconds and the animation will play happily.


Week 1 - Create a Cartoon

Find a (clean non-offensive) joke online
Use www.toondoo.com to create a cartoon of the joke

Week 2 - ???

If finished, check toondoo for comments and views


Appleworks Graphics

Week 1 - PC Advert
Week 2 - Football strip
Week 3 - Sports Car
(Next year - Can start with Draw Practice, if it works)

ArtRage Graphics

Week 1 - Draw a scene with an animal or plant

Demonstrate the tools and changing colours using ArtRage
Demonstrate trying to add in a background after doing a tree - doesn't work.
Ask pupils to create a nice background, with mountains or city or underwater, THEN draw animal or plant on top
Sometimes easier to turn on 'intra-dry'

ArtRage Graphics

Week 2 - Draw a scene with an animal or plant

Demonstrate the tools and changing colours using ArtRage

ArtRage Graphics vs Powerpoint Vector Graphics

Week 3 - Create

Demonstrate the tools and changing colours using ArtRage

YouTube Computing

Week 1 - Find a video on YouTube

Worksheet: (YouTube Computing.doc)
Go to YouTube.com and find a video you like about computing. It could be an old video or advert, about computer games, a computer programme or a new advert, like the PC vs Mac ads.
1. Write down the address of the one you like:
2. Why do you like this video? What do you think others will learn from watching it?

Try bookmarking / add favourite for the page too (not sure if this is saved on profile)
If finished, go to www.mojiti.com and create a new account
(S2) Pupils can also create a youtube account and start to add favourites

YouTube Computing

Week 2 - Mojiti

Demonstrate how to import a youtube video in mojiti and add 'spots'.
Show adding text, subtitles, speech and thought bubbles, 'flash' graphics moving round the screen.
If webcams work next year, you could even add in a video of kids saying why they like the video.
Other mojiti tasks could include making a karaoke version of a music video from YouTube - add subtitles with lyrics.

*Mojiti closed - find replacement

Hardware - Input/Output/Backing Storage/Process

Matching Game using cards with words of devices and cards with pictures of devices.
Part 1 - match device picture to name
Part 2 - group devices into Input, Output, Process or Storage

Hardware - Worksheets

Worksheets from the photocopyable books


Week 1 - ??

Week 2 - ??

Week 3 - ??

Week 4 - free time

http://roxik.com/pictaps/ - animation of stickman - very cool :-)

Email - The Joys of Outlook

In Powerpoint, draw a monster using circles, squares and lines. Colour them.
Open Outlook, create a new email, type in a friend's name and check the name (in pairs email a friend in the class)
Send an email to the friend describing your monster in detail
When you recieve an email from your friend with their description, open a new slide in powerpoint and try to recreate their monster.
Compare monsters with your friend. Did your monster look like what they'd drawn? Was your description good enough?

Word Processing - Letterwriting

Week 1 - Plan a letter

Explain about the planning and design of the new school will recieve.
Individually write down a list of things you think the new school should have.
Write a letter to the planning committee to suggest things to include in the new school.

Week 2 - Type a letter

Explain the format of a letter.
Get pupils to type in their address or schools address, the address they're sending it to, and the date.
Type their letter up in Word and print it out.

Internet Searching

InternetTask1.doc - search the BBC website
This task is based on Firrhill's S1/2 coursework but was too difficult for most pupils. Needs to be adapted or modelled more.

Google Searching Quiz

Google lyric searching.doc (by Ian W in S5)
Try and find the songs by searching using " "

Google Earth Quiz**