Start with software - wrong approach?!

What do I want them to learn?????

Logging on to computers
Opening a file
Saving a file
Logging into network
Cut, copy and paste
Saving an image

Web 2.0 stuff
Podcasting? Radio show?
Blogging? - blog per class? Collaborative creativity
Wikis? - page per pupil with questions? Use to connect lessons? Summary of learning?
Flickr and images - use to create a cartoon in Word with speech bubbles?

Safe surfing (and chatting etc)

Moving Image
Video and editing?
Stop motion animation?
Edit existing material - eg pop music / VJing

Funding from CEC and Scottish Screen?

Stop Motion idea expanded:
Need - webcam / video camera, plasticine per pair, storage for models (tupperware tub), cardboard box set
Use stimulus cards (like with the 24 hour film competition) for place, style/genre, character, word, title
  • Show examples (analysis and appreciation etc)
  • Idea and story
  • Storyboard
  • Type script
  • Design characters (drawing)
  • Make set
  • Make characters and props
  • Film
  • Record sound effects / voice over
  • Edit
  • Show to others
  • Design poster

Office Applications
Use online office applications?! -
- Too much danger of slow internet or no internet
+ Kids can use websites and their files at home

Word Processing
poster, christmas (etc) card
Typing "About Me" information - use wiki instead?

bingo (calculations and formula)

police kidnapping case

Create a presentation about a charity to persuade the teacher to donate imaginary money (from his/her fairy godmother) to the charity

Powerpoint 'text adventure' - E.g. "You are in a corridor, there are doors to the left and right. There is a ball on the ground"

Animated GIFs
Advert / Football strips / Car activities
Design a board game - using a template?

Board game idea expanded:
Easy - customise a template with squares, colour them, drag snakes and ladders onto board, add text (eg "Go back two squares")

Alternatively give pupils more freedom - design board and counters, questions, money, etc. Type up instructions/rules in Word.
Pitch idea using a blog, get feedback, presentation (elevator pitch?), design and develop, play test, comment and adjust, focus groups, survey, sell!
(Far too complex for S1/2 though)

Scripting and Control / Computer game design
Mission Maker - really easy to use but expensive
Game maker - free but too complex
Crocodile Clips ICT - dance game

Useful site - **Adobe**

Touch Typing?