S4 Programming using Visual Basic

Lesson 0 - Lightbot programming
Use Lightbot to explain programming principles like instructions, testing and functions

Lesson 1 - Thursday 21/8
Introduction to object orientated programming
How to start VB, create a project
Create a button, place on form
Program button - Msgbox("Hello World")

1. get button to say more than one thing (add extra MsgBox lines)
2. Change the font and font colour of the button
3. Change the colour of the button and the form
4. Create another button on the same form to do something else
Ext - hint about images / photos

Lesson 2 - Tuesday 26/8
Colourful Buttons handout
Program buttons to do something else:
1. Buttons to change the background colour of the form
2. Buttons to change the background colour of the button

Lesson 3 - Thursday 28/8
Variables worksheet
Discuss - what variables are, used in maths when we don't know answer,
Demo - using boxes for name and age (string and integer)
Task - enter the two programs on the worksheet
Task - create a program to ask the user for two things (class, favourite subject, football team, etc)

Lesson 4 - Tuesday 2/9
Text boxes and Calculator
Discuss - ways for users to input information. Message boxes now input boxes
Demo - how to create a textbox. How to then create a program to add two numbers
Task - Create a program to add two numbers
Task - adapt program to subtract, multiply then divide two numbers
Task - Create three new buttons, so there are four buttons for add, subtract, multiply and divide
Task - create a program to work out how much someone will get paid, given number of hours and amount per hour
Didn't get onto last task for the Pay Day calculator

Lesson 5 - Thursday 4/9
Listboxes worksheets
Demo - listboxes for fruit and clear button using a fruit variable
Task - Create a program for the user to enter fruit (or colour or football team etc)
Demo - asking for information without setting up a variable (global vs local)
Task - Create a program to ask for three facts and put them in a listbox (eg name, class and favourite subject)

Lesson 6 - Tuesday 9/9
Consequences game

Demo - play paper version of Consequences
Demo - show VB version of game running
Discuss - what is needed to create the game (variables and names, textboxes, labels, button, code)
Handout - Consequences template
Task - create Consequences program
Class task - when everyone is finished, all run the programs, type in boys name, move computer, type in girls name, etc
Didn't complete class task, most people finished though.

Lesson 7 - Thursday 11/9
Calculator worksheet

Finish last task on Calculator worksheet (Pay day calculator)
SQA Food Mixers task

Lesson 8 - Tuesday 16/9
Write answers for Q1,2,4 on SQA Food Mixers task
Continue on with programming the Food Mixers task

Lesson 9 - Thursday 18/9
Finish off Food Mixers task
Network problems - started looking at For/Next loops instead

Lesson 10 - Tuesday 23/9
Finish off Food Mixers task

Lesson 11 - Thursday 25/9
VB Naming Conventions sheet:
Discuss - Talk about why good practice to name variables and objects in a particular way, explained long words
Whole Class Task - pupils highlighted variable types and objects that they had encountered so far
Whole class task - described situations when variables and objects might be used and wrote down best name to use

Task - For/Next loops using Repetitions sheet 1 (and sheet 2 if finished)

Lesson 12 - Tuesday 30/9
Whole class discussion / task - Object and Variable Naming Exercise sheets
Discuss - Commenting code - showed example on board
Task - open a previous program, add a comment for every line
Task - Use example on Repetitions sheet 1, write program to take a name and display 5 times with a blank line in between

Lesson 13 - Thursday 2/10
Continue Task - Use example on Repetitions sheet 1, write program to take a name and display 5 times with a blank line in between
Start SQA Car Stickers task - all class at desks working on written questions and plan.

Lesson 14 - Tuesday 7/10
Free time

Lesson 15 - Thursday 9/10
Finish SQA Car Stickers task, plus work on finishing other SQA tasks and project

October Break

Lesson 16 - Tuesday 28/10
Task: in teams design a laptop for kids aged 6-10
Analysis - make notes about the task, think about how you're going to do it. Ask questions of the ToysRUs client (the teacher) such as cost (RRP), speed, specification, etc. Negotiate their cut of the final RRP price for 1000 units. Questions and negotiations NOT shared with whole class just each production team.
Design - sketch a design of the laptop with labels showing key features. Suggest options like material, screen size (and weight), colour and design, keyboard colour and layout (eg different coloured keys, uppercase or lowercase printing, or even illuminated), functions and facilities (internet filtering, language games, etc) If design includes trademark images (eg Simpsons) permissions cost must be considered.
Implementation - explain in this phase a demo would be manufactured. Their task is to make a single page brochure advertising the laptop

Discuss the other four phases briefly

Lesson 17 - Thursday 30/10
Testing - discuss how the laptop prototype will be tested
Documentation - what documentation will be included with the laptop (warranty, manual, quick start guide, instructions for kids or parents?)
Evaluation - present to the rest of the class and get feedback
Maintenance - Microsoft find a bug in the operating system while you are producing the laptops - what are you going to do? You find part of the hardware breaks easily - what do you do?

A Dance In The Dark Every Monday
Write notes. Come up with better phrase!

Errors theory worksheet - Exercise 1
Errors theory worksheet - Exercise 2 and 3

Still to cover / If time get on to....

IF statements - Inputbox ask for a colour. If = red msgbox "fantastic" else msgbox "blech"
IF worksheets - simple and complex
IF and password protection (to show another form or a picture?)
IF and radio buttons, Pizza ordering program (display pictures of objects)
Ext task - McArthur's Burgers task

Whole class discussion - Pseudocode - work through example of having a party or organising a theatre / fashion show
  1. decide when to have party
  2. decide who to invite
  3. Book venue
  4. send out invites
  5. buy food and decorations
  6. put up decorations
  7. prepare food
  8. put on music
  9. have fun

Hogmanay Ticket program - example
Hogmanay ticket program - ordering game
SQA Car Hire task (General)

SQA School Heating (General)

Software Development Cycle:
Analysis / Design / Implementation / Testing / Documentation / Evaluation / Maintenance
Think of an an acronym instead of A Dance In The Dark Every Monday
Write notes about each phase

Programming Language theory:
Machine code
Compiling / Translating